Ponte de Espindo

Lousada, Espindo - Lousada


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Bridge of Espindo

The Bridge of Espindo features a single round arch supported on solid pillars that spring directly from the banks. The width of the span led to the elevation of the arch and the placement of the tray on a trestle: in other words, with a wooden overlay double-ramp. The Bridge is constructed in granite with irregularly-bonded batters that contrast with the regular stone bonding of the arch, which features well-cut voussoirs. It is difficult to pin a date on this Bridge, though it resembles a medieval bridge, technically and constructively. Bridges built in the Middle Ages had more importance placed on their foundations than Roman bridges and their designers sought steadier places for their installation. These facts contributed towards the resilience of medieval bridges in the face of weather and floods. On one end of the Bridge of Espindo, are the "Alminhas" [Shrines], wayside shrines associated with ancient Portuguese roads and the symbolic protection of travellers.

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