Ponte de Vilela

Lousada, Vilela - Lousada


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Bridge of Vilela

Constructed in granite masonry, the Bridge of Vilela comprises four perfectly round arches. The arches are supported by three pillars, reinforced with triangular cut-waters and square piers.  The spans of the two lateral arches are currently shoaled. The tray, paved with granite tile, is horizontal over the central arches and forms a ramp at the top. This Bridge is difficult to date, as its technical and built features may be linked to medieval needs to improve the road network inherited from the Roman period. This need was associated with the growth of road circulation in the territory, allowing the crossing of the River Sousa. The Bridge of Vilela marks an important passage point, which, according to the Memórias Paroquiais [Parish Memorandum] of 1758, was used, for example, by those travelling from the coast to Amarante and Vila Real.  

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