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Oporto is the capital of the North of Portugal. With a wonderful geographical location next to the Douro river mouth, and an exceptional architectural value, the city centre of Oporto is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996.
Through this District coast several tourist and holiday resorts are located, such as the cosmopolitan beach of Espinho, busy ports such as Matosinhos one, or the traditional fishing ports like Póvoa do Varzim.
On the country side of Oporto’s district life is way more peaceful. The choice is wide and pleasant: Amarante and the beautiful River Tâmega, surrounded by lovely mountain ranges and picturesque houses in between majestic manor houses; Vila Nova de Gaia, the main centre for the production of the famous Port wine, where wine is produced and matured, and one can taste the several varieties, or even to go abroad an astonishing tour in one of the Douro’s cruises.

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