São Pedro de Moel

Marinha Grande


São Pedro de Moel is a lovely village located in between the Atlantic Coast and a great Pine tree forest, with quite ancient origins, and is also one of the most picturesque beaches of the central coastline in the Country.

São Pedro de Moel has always been influenced by the ocean and the pine tree forest, and the region would have been occupied by Phenicians and Moors, among other cultures and civilizations. In the 14th century the settlement gets a big development when its Port substituted the old Paredes Port.
During the 15th century São Pedro de Moel becomes a place of election for summer holidays for the higher social classes and already in the 18th century a new industrial feature starts developing.

Up to the north of the settlement is situated the famous “Penedo da Saudade” (“yearning cliff”) where is located the São Pedro lighthouse built in 1912. It is said that this name “Penedo da Saudade” comes from the Caminha Duchess that came here everyday to cry her husband’s death, and even nowadays some say that the duchess moan can still be heard.

It is worth visiting the Afonso Lopes Vieira house-Museum, situated in the majestic house that this Poet built overlooking the ocean and decorated with maritime motifs, that once was an important meeting point for writers and intellectuals.

São Pedro de Moel is surrounded by extensive areas of pine tree forest, offering several leisure points of great communion with nature, like the many Snack Parks that are quite frequented suting weekends and summer time, as they are a great complement to the pleasant region’s beaches.

Quite interesting is the famous “Volta dos Sete”, an itinerary of about 7km that combines the ocean, the pine tree fields and beach with the fresh airs of the forest, parks, fountains and creeks.

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