Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Vila Pouca de Aguiar


Vila Pouca de Aguiar is a village from the North of Portugal situated in the Trás-os-Montes (literally meaning “behind the hills”) region, surrouned by the Padrela and the Alvão Mountains, and often named as “Granite Capital”, such is the influence of this rock in the village.

All the surrounding nature is of great beauty, among mountains and abundant water courses: this a region filled with history, peace of mind, tranquillity, heritage and tradition.

This territory has been inhabited by man since remote times. The region presents several megalithic monuments like Dolmens, Antas and Hill Forts, as it is still observable in the Cidadelhe settlement that maintains several vestiges of a pre-historic community.
Romans also left its influences and vestiges in the region, like pieces of an ancient military road. This territory was also inhabited by Suevis, Visigoths and Moors.

This rural village has an interesting heritage, with many traditions that are still kept, as one can attest in the Municipal Museum, established in the Casa do Condado. Other highlights are the lovely Pillory; the fortified settlement of Cidadelha with its Chapel and the vestiges of the defensive wall; the Cidadelhe de Aguiar Bridge; or the beautiful Nossa Senhora da Conceição Sanctuary from where one has a superb panorama over the Aguiar valley.

The Alvão Dam provides great leisure points and lovely shelters, as well as great conditions for the practice of the most diversified tourism, leisure and sport activities.

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