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On the southeast coast of China, Macau can be found, along one of the most important economic and financial centers of the world, Hong Kong, inserted in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province.
The city of Macau is part of a peninsula where two bridges of 2.5 kms and 4.5 kms respectively connect the island of Taipa, which in turn is now connected to the island of Coloane.
At the northern end of the peninsula, a narrow isthmus, is the imposing gateway (Portas do Cerco), which leads to the Zhuhai and Zhongshan areas of central China.
The territory has a total area of 28.00 km², a dimension that has necessarily been updated since Macau has been gaining ground steadily in the Delta in order to get more land for constructions. The peninsula is 10.50 km². The island of Taipa, including the airport, is 9.70 km², and Coloane is 7.80 km².
With a very peculiar climate, considered humid subtropical in Macau can catch large variations of temperature with high humidity levels. Summer in Macau is considered that occurs between May and October, their will be heavy rain, thunderstorms and typhoons. When autumn arrives, the season is more enjoyable, since the inside of china starts to cool strongly influencing Macau’s microclimate. So much so that we even have warm temperatures with clear skies. However, Sun is short-lived, since the mass of cold air from the interior of China in Macau come quickly around the month of December, going until February making this time of year a time very cold, reaching temperatures of -10 °C.
In March, temperatures and humidity levels normalize, returning also a cloudy sky featuring Macau, replacing the deep blue of the sky by a grayish blue.

The resident population is ~ 582,000, making Macau the city with more population per square meter in the world.
Macau, after having been under Portuguese administration after several centuries, was given the sovereignty of China starting in December 20, 1999, however continuing to enjoy high autonomy with regard to socio-economic fields and financial. It is therefore considered as the Special Administrative Region of Macao (SAR) of the Republic of China, an issue that gives reason to exist to the phrase "one country, two systems" used to characterize Macau.

Multiculturalism exists in Macau in such way that some say it’s in Macau that the West meets the East, a place where many values, religious beliefs, customs, habits, traditions and architectural styles converge. This unique specificity is one of Macau its most important characteristics.
An evidence of this harmonious symbiosis, the mere fact of being included in the same calendar holidays Chinese Lunar New Year, the Day of Buddha, Christmas and Easter.
As for the cuisine, it applies the same principle of multiculturalism. The Macanese food, it is also unique, since it is probable that originated in recipes led by Portuguese women although prepared with local ingredients, mainly from China.

Macau has so many and interesting points of interest that came to prevail as a World Heritage site, including the Ruins of St. Paul, the A-Ma Temple, among others who embody the first encounters between China and the Western world.

Macau is definitely a place to visit, live and genuinely experience!

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Macao - RAEM has 29 km2 and a population of over 550 000 inhabitants.

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