Alegrete - Portalegre


Alegrete is a lovely and peaceful small village in the vast Alentejo region, situated at about 480 meters high, in the heart of the amazing São Mamede Mountain Natural Park.

This is place occupied by Men since ancient times, where many people and civilizations passed by, re-conquered by the first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques, possibly around the year 1160.
Alegrete is located next to the border with Spain, therefore its geographic location has always allowed observing the surrounding area, offering to the settlement some importance and development, as it is still visible nowadays in the main monument of the village: the Castle.

Alegrete is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the 16th century Mother Church, the São Pedro Chapel (15th century) and the 17th century Misericórdia Chapel, the 17th century Clock Tower next to the mother church or the charming Bandstand from the 20th century.

It’s worth knowing the charming Alegrete peaceful streets, with its typical Alentejo’s lovely white small houses with colorful bars around doors and windows, where time seems to have stopped and traditions seem to be forever well kept and cherished.



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