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Almádena is a small village nearby Luz village, in Lagos, situated in the Touristic region of the Algarve, in the limits of the wonderful Sudoeste Alentejano and Costa Vicentina Natural Park.

Almádena is a typical village of the Algarve region, with a rural feature and small white houses with traditional chimneys, influenced by the Moorish occupancy of the territory that marked the landscape and lifestyles of the region for many centuries.
All the region suffered since the past decades a great urban development which made of small rural settlements like Almádena a perfect holiday destiny for a large number of visitors that find here a perfect place for summer holidays.

Almádena still maintains its peace of mind and a traditional architecture, with several rural elements dating from ancient times like the “Roman” Estate, the Old Windmill, the Well, among many other that observe quietly the growing of new structures such as restaurants, bars and commercial shops.



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