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Distrito de Faro

Faro District is located in the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, comprising an area of 4.954,5km2. 

This region is hilly, but traversed with rich valleys. Its highest point is the mountain range of Monchique, with a maximum altitude of 906m (Peak of the Fóia). 
It is in this district that one can find the most beautiful and pleasant beaches in the country, but it is also the most popular destination for tourism, mainly due to its beaches, Mediterranean climate, safety and relatively low costs. 
The length of the south-facing coastline is approximately 155 kilometres. Beyond the westernmost point of Cape St Vincent it stretches a further 50 kilometres to the north. The coastline is notable for picturesque limestone caves and grottoes, particularly around Lagos, which are accessible by powerboat. 
The architecture of the region is highly influenced by the north of Africa, as well as some ancient customs and traditions. 

This region is ruled by seafood, and it couldn’t be any different! A wide variety of sea and river dishes are masterly prepared from eateries to gourmet dining. 
Fresh and dry fruits (another influence from North Africa) are often used in pastry and desserts. Almond is the special ingredient, along with loads of sugar and eggs. Liqueurs are very traditional, the Almond liquor being the most famous one, served chilled after a sunny day at the beach!
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Distrito de Faro

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