Alpalhão is a typical small village situated in the vast Alentejo region, characterized by its charming small white houses with coloured bands around doors and windows, with a rural environment.

This lovely village encompasses a charming heritage in its peaceful streets, with what is left of the Castle, nowadays merged with the village’s buildings, but also other monuments like the 16th century pillory in blue granite, the Mother and the Misericórdia (18th century) Churches or the São Pedro (16th century), São Sebastião (17th century, outside the centre), and Calvário (16th century) Chapels.

In this region there are several megalithic monuments proving the ancestrally of this area, so rich in monuments previous to the Romanization of the Iberian Peninsula.

Throughout the village several Stone sculptured Monuments can be found, in order to preserve and publicize this important heritage so emblematic in the region, pieces of art of renowned National and International artists.

Quite interesting is the House-Museum of Alpalhão, reproducing a village’s typical and rural house, demonstrating old lifestyles and traditions.
The pleasant Alpalhão Garden also provides relaxing walks and leisure activities.
Alpalhão, land of tradition, has in its Bullring one of its main monuments, situated in the Monte Filipe.

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