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Arrebentão is a peaceful small village nearby Santa Bárbara village, on the wonderful Santa Maria Island, Azores Archipelago.

The village reflects on its amazing landscapes the great bucolic charm of this Island, marked by the deep green of the fertile soils and the deep blue of the vast blue Atlantic Ocean, that perfectly match the simple traditional architecture.

Land of fertile soils, Arrebentão has been wisely able to maintain its traditional architecture characteristics, influenced by the rurality of the area and the charming inheritance of the continental regions of Algarve and Alentejo, which were from the first inhabitant of the island came originally from, applying here the same tradition of the picturesque white houses with colourful bands surrounding windows and doors, and either quite large chimneys or cylinder lacework-shaped chimneys.

Symbol of the many years taking advantage of what the best this fertile soils have to offer, many rural and agricultural vestiges of other times are still visible such as the wind mills, nowadays in ruins, but important part of this bucolic landscape.

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