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Vila do Porto

The most ancient village in the Azores Archipelago, Vila do Porto, is situated on the lovely Santa Maria Island, and is also the Island’s capital. In fact, Vila do Porto was officially made a village circa 1470.

This is a peaceful and historical place surrounded by beautiful panoramas, where cultivated fields stand out, along with the charming typical residential nucleus and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Vila do Porto is also the only department in the Santa Maria Island.

Vila do Porto has wisely been able to maintain its rich architectonic and traditional heritage, with a beautiful historical centre where medieval streets and elements go graciously along with lovely monuments, such as the São Brás Fort, the Churches of Misericórdia, Nossa Senhora da Vitória, Nossa Senhora do Ar, Santo Antão, Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Santo António or the Santa Maria Madalena Church, the Senhor dos Passos Chapel, or other lovely Chapels such as Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, Conceição, Nossa Senhora dos Anjos or the Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova, or even the São Francisco Convent dated from early 17th century.
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