Barca de Alva

Barca de Alva - Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo


Situated in a beautiful valley on the left river bank of the Douro river, Barca de Alva is a somewhat recent locality. In fact, since the 19th century, the agricultural development, the construction of the Douro line and the railway that links to Spain, and the bridge and road that runs over Douro river, gave to Barca de Alva a great development up until the closing of the railway station. Recently, the construction of a new and modern wharf and the road link to Spain gave a new zing to this small village.
Located in the area of the International Douro Natural Park, Barca de Alva offers astonishing natural landscapes and it’s a passage point of the Douro Cruises, and is also famous for the gorgeous panoramas when Almond trees are blossoming.

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