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Poiares is a lovely small village in the very typical Trás-os-Montes region (that literally means “behind the hills”), located on the amazing right bank of the river Douro, on a valley that runs parallel to this river, filled with history and natural beauty.

The toponym Poiares might derivate from the local term “Poio”, which in this region means something as mount or higher hill. In fact, the legend says that in the river Douro margins once existed the location of Santo Estêvão, that suffered quite a lot with the river flows. Hence, it was moved somewhere up above, in the area of the present Poiares.

Poiares is a locality with quite ancient historical references, growing in importance since the 13th century, by the time when the neighbour Vila de Alva village got in decay.

The main economical activity of this village is agriculture, producing quality wine, olives, oranges, honey and cereals.

One of the main highlights of Poiares are the many traditional houses built in the typical schist, as it is quite visible in the lovely Rua do Coiço street, where one can confirm that tradition still remains graciously alive through the rough passage of time.

Poiares is proud of its Mother Church that dates from 1962, as well as the many archaeological legacies, as in Alpajares and the São Paulo Castro (hill fort), where next to the ruins of c Chapel one can find vestiges in a schist rock of what are thought to be sepulchres.



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