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Biscoitos is a lovely peaceful small town in the northeast of the amazing Terceira Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago.

This is a place of great natural beauty with a picturesque traditional architecture and a rich wine heritage. In fact the toponym of the village might come from the black basalt stones (the earth originated by the dry lava of the volcanoes) that in the archipelago is name as “biscoito” (biscuit) as an analogy to the bread that was used for the maritime journeys back in the Discoveries Era.
It is exactly this type of soil that allows great conditions for the vineyards, producing here the famous Azores Verdelho Wine that, it is said, was already consumed by the navigators in the Portuguese Discoveries.
To better understand the wine importance in the village, on the Island and on the Archipelago, there is in Biscoitos the interesting Wine Museum.

Biscoitos has much more to offer, proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the 17th century São Pedro Church and the 20th century Imaculado Coração de Maria Church, or the Chapels of Nossa Senhora do Loreto, Santa Catarina, Espírito Santo, São Sebastião, Vera Cruz or Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, and even the several vestiges of forts that protected the coast, the lovely fountains that for years supplied the populations.
Quite interesting are the “curraletas”, the basilar stone walls that protect the vineyards from storms, constituting nowadays important rural legacies.

Due to the wonderful geographic location, the good facilities and the pleasant natural swimming pools, Biscoitos is also a popular place for holidays during summer time.



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