Cabeceiras de Basto

Cabeceiras de Basto


Cabeceiras de Basto is a lovely village from the North of the country, situated in a pleasant valley surrounded by several mountains and water courses, in an area of great natural beauty.

The village has quite ancient human occupation, and would a been a place of refugee from the Moorish invasions during the 1st century a.C.. In fact, this is a region with many vestiges of human occupancy before Christ. During the Middle Ages, Cabeceiras de Basto was also an important pilgrimage centre.

The region is characterized by its natural astonishing beauty, between the traditional green of the Minho region, combined with the arid mountain range area of Trás-os-Montes. Cabeceiras de Baixo combines the perfect conditions for the most diversified activities, and in fact the Tourist industry is growing and achieving more quality.

From Cabreira Mountain one has an astonishing panorama, with several species of flora and fauna, as one can attest in one of the several Viewpoints available; or might as well enjoy the environment in one of the many snack parks around the area, like the leisure areas of Moinhos de Rei or Vinha de Mouros.

Throughout the region there are several Manor Houses, showing off the value of these lands through the centuries, like the Breia, Casal and Forno houses, in Basto, the Torre House in Alvite or the Portela House in Arco de Baúlhe, among many others testimonies of such an important heritage.

Other highlights are the São Miguek de Refojos Monastery, the Cavez Bridge or the pre-historical spot of Lameiras Chãs, with several vestiges of ancient human occupancy.

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