Capela dos Ossos ( Évora )



The Bones Chapel is one of the most famous monuments of Évora. It is located in the Church of San Francis.It was built in the seventeenth century on the initiative of three monks who, in the spirit of the time - against religious reform, according to the regulations of the Council of Trent - intended to convey the message of transient life.The chapel, built on the site of the original monks dormitory room consists of 3 ships of 18.70 m long and 11m wide, the only light entering the room comes from three small cracks on the left.Its walls and the eight pillars are "decorated" with bones and skulls joined by brown cement.The vaults are of brick stuccoed in white, painted with allegorical motifs to death. It is a monument of penitential architecture with decorated arches by rows of skulls.It has been estimated that there are around 5000 bones from the cemeteries, located in churches and convents nearby.The chapel was dedicated to the Senhor dos Passos, an image well known in the city as Jesus of the House of Bones.

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