Alvito Castle



Built in the end of the 15th century, the Alvito Castle was probably built under the order of D. Diogo Lobo da Silveira, Baron of Alvito, in the reign of king D. joão II(1481 to 1495), with residential purposes.

The Castle was not involved into military conflicts, yet it received the visit kings and queens.
The Castle’s architecture reinforces this idea of a residential unit, as one can observe by the many windows in the towers, conferring a look of a fortified house, which at that time was a Royal privilege.

Probably due to its long use as a house, the building has been maintained in a good conservation state, despite the disappearance of some features such as the bridge that was used as main door.

The liberal wars lead into the abandonment of the castle for many years, until the intervention of the Bragança House Foundation, which offered the utilization of the building as a luxury and historical hotel: the Alvtito Castle Pousada.

Some say that before the construction of this monument, a previous Castle may have existed here, dating back to the 13th century, yet there are no official confirmations, yet this region presents several ancient occupancy testimonies, with many archaeological vestiges, such as Roman coins, tombs and buildings ruins.

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