Ouguela Castle

Campo Maior


Towering above the ancient Ouguela village, nowadays part of the São João Baptista village, in the beautiful Campo Maior department, the Ouguela Castle has quite remote origins.

This building has most likely origins in a proto-history settlement, which afterwards was occupied by Romans, Visigoths and Moors. In fact, Ouguela was probably named as “Budua” by the time of the Roman occupancy and by “Niguela” by the time of Visigoth occupancy of the territory.

The settlement got into Portuguese domain by the times of the Alcanizes Treaty in 1297, which settled the Portuguese borders.
During the reign of king D.Dinis (1279-1325) the original building was probably re-built and enlarged and already during the reigns of king D. Fernando (1367-1383) and king D. João I (1385-1433).
During the 16th century the monument gets a late-medieval influence signed by Duarte d’Armas. This structure was later changed after 1640 with the Restoration of the Portuguese Independence from Spanish domain, and consequently gets defensive reinforcement, on a project signed by Nicolau de Langres.

During the 20th century the Ouguela Castle receives several conservation works.
The Ouguela Castle presents an irregular hexagonal plan, defended by schist and granite walls.




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