Cheleiros is a lovely small village nearby Mafra, in the great Lisboa region, next to the border with the wide Sintra department, situated in a place o great beauty and peace of mind.

This is a region of fertile soils, nice weather and several water courses, with human occupancy vestiges dating from pre-historical times, and also several Roman occupancy period vestiges.

In this locality was born a priest named António José that supposedly had a big influence over the king D. João the 5th for the construction of its great masterpiece: the Convent / Palace of Mafra.

Cheleiros is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the lovely Mother Church in Manueline style, the ancient Bridge built in stones of the region, the Holy Spirit Chapel or what is nowadays left of the village’s Pillory.

Every year on the 15th of August is celebrated the Nossa Senhora do Rocamador Festivities, joining together many visitors and locals.

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