Cinfães is a lovely village from the Northern region of the Country, located on the slope of the wonderful Montemuro Mountain, in an area blessed by nature, with fertile soils, overlooking the astonishing Douro river.

This is a region of ancient human occupancy, with several archaeological vestiges dating from the Pre and Proto-History.
Its rural environment has survived the passage of time, and still is nowadays the main feature of this region, where are produced the freshest products.

Cinfães is proud of its 17th century Baroque Mother Church, of its picturesque pillory, of the pleasant Garden and Museum of Serpa Pinto, of the interesting Cultural House dedicated to new information and communication technologies and also for several events, and of course, very proud of its astonishing landscapes, as one can observe in the beautiful Calvário Viewpoint.

Nearby is situated the Carrapatelo Dam, providing wonderful landscapes and also great conditions for the practice of the most diversified activities of sport, leisure and tourism.



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