Xarêz Cromlech

Telheiro - Reguengos de Monsaraz


The Xarez Cromlech is one of the most interesting megalithic monuments in Portuguese territory.
According to some studies, this megalithic set is probably dated between 4.000 b.C to 3.000 b.C, and it is composed by 55 menhirs with about 1,20 to 1,50 meters surrounding a central Menhir with around 4,50 meters high and 7 ton weight.

When the monoliths were found they were spread apart by agricultural works in the area, and so several researches were made and the reconstitution of the original location was possible.

Due to the Alqueva Dam construction, the Cromlech was transferred from the Herdade do Xerês to the Orada Convent were it is nowadays.



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