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Doze Ribeiras is a picturesque rural village in the western side of the wonderful Terceira Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago, situated on the pleasant slope of the Santa Bárbara volcanic Mountain.

The village developed after the 12th rivulet counting as from Angra do Heroísmo, hence its toponym (Doze Ribeiras - Twelve Rivulets).
Doze Ribeiras has maintained alive its very own traditions and the bucolic and rural spirit, even with all the natural catastrophes the village has suffered throughout the years, such as the 1980 Earthquake that destroyed much of its buildings and led to the population abandon. Nowadays much of its heritage was rebuilt, keeping nevertheless the original bucolic and rural outlook.

Doze Ribeiras was a refugee place for the rebels when the military liberal rebellion in 1828, sheltering the deserters of the liberal army and supporting its guerrilla, along with the neighbour Terra Chã village.

It is worth knowing this pacific and rural place, from where one has astonishing views over the Santa Bárbara Mountain and all the natural charm of the western side of the Terceira Island.



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