Esmoriz is a lovely coastal town, in the border with the Central and the Northern regions of Portugal, nearby Ovar. It is located in the Atlantic coast and quite influenced by it through the centuries.

The town’s greatest highlight is its great Beach of thin golden sand, where the Tourist activity has been developing since the 19th century, and is nowadays dotted with several facilities, like accommodation and even a campsite, and many restaurants with the best variety of seafood.

Esmoriz has quite ancient origins: its toponym derivates from the Roman occupancy period, when it was called as “Hermeriz” or “Ermeriz”.

Another highlight of Esmoriz are the typical fishermen wooden houses, the “Palheiros”, built over wooden palisades that allow wind and water circulation, and is a difficulty for smaller animals to access the house. Many of this colourful houses have been destroyed throughout the years, and it is known that already in the 19th centuries they filled the streets of Esmoriz.

It is worth to take advantage of the lovely seaside landscapes, and to know the historical centre of Esmoriz, where one can come across the charming Mother Church dated from the end of the 19th century, ot the Bom Despacho Chapel, built in the 17th century, with a lovely set of sculptures.



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