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Évora is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Its gorgeous historical centre was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, with about 105 hectares and about 400 buildings.
Situated in the calm province of the Alentejo, Évora is an amazing town that provides culture, architecture, history, monuments, peace of mind and animation all year round.
Évora is commonly known for its strong Roman influence, due to the large amount of archaeological vestiges found here relating to the time of the Roman occupation when Évora was named Liberitas Julia. Évora was also once occupied by the Visigoths, and in 715 it was conquered by the Moors, and conquered back again by the warrior Geraldo “Sem Pavor” (literally meaning “fearless”), and in the Middle Ages Évora was one of the wealthiest cities in the Portuguese kingdom. In 1551 the University was founded here, and is still nowadays a symbol of youth and knowledge.
With all this amazing history, it is easy to acknowledge that there are several highlights all around and places not to be missed… Such as the Cathedral (built in between 1186 and 1205), the famous Roman Temple (also known as “Diana Temple", built somewhere in between the 1st and the 3rd century a.C), the São Francisco Church and its famous and strange Bones Chapel, covered with human bones, the beautiful Lóios Church, from the 15th century, or the Royal Palace with the interesting Damas Galery and what is left of the 16th century Palace.
Évora has much more to offer, with about 20 churches and monasteries in the city, showing its historic and religious value.
One of the most prominent places in Évora is the very central Giraldo Square, with a fountain dating from 1571, the meeting point of the city, provided with several restaurants, cafeterias, esplanades and shops, always with animation and where everything happens.
Évora also has an excellent handicraft offer, as well as accommodation and restaurants that provide the amazing gastronomy of Alentejo’s region, one of the most appreciated in the country, and quality wines from the surrounding quality demarcated wine regions.

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