Folgosinho is a lovely small village nearby Gouveia, situated in the North slope of the wide Estrela Mountain Range, at 933 meters high, also known for supposedly being the place of birth of Viriathus, the most important leader of the Lusitanian people that resisted Roman expansion into the regions of Western Iberia (between 147 b. C and 139 b.C.).

This picturesque village is located on the top of a great mountain range, with three small rivers that provide along the centuries good conditions for human fixation. From here the panorama is astonishing and wide.

The origins of Folgosinho are quite remote, as one can attest by the two pre-historic hill fort vestiges. Folgosinho was, up until the beginning of the 20th century, a place with very hard accesses, maintaining much of its traditions and ways of living almost intact while living in community.

This small village with traditional mountain side streets, has the peculiarity of having its own streets decorated with popular poems, as well as a proud heritage, with its highlight in the Castle, among other such as the Mother Church dated from the 16th century, the Pillory, the place “Cerro das Forcas”, where the village’s medieval gibbet used to be, close to the archaeological place of Outeiro, or the lovely traditional Fountains of the village, like the Pedrão Fountain.

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