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Fontinhas is a charming small village located on the northeast side of the amazing Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago, filled with natural beauty and delight.

Sited in an area of fertile soils and abundance of water courses, it was probably the large number of fountains that baptized the village (Fontinhas means “small fountains”). Even nowadays one can observe the old Fontinhas or Barreiro Fountains.

Fontinhas is proud of its Parish Church dated from 1925, built after the destruction of its ancestor, as well as other interesting legacies such as the 19th century Holy Spirit Empire or the lovely Santo António Chapel.

From the geological peak of Pico do Celeiro, at 228 meters high, one has astonishing panoramas over the Fontinhas charming surrounding, showing off the great enchant of the Terceira Island and the vast Atlantic Ocean.



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