Fundão - Fundão


Located in Cova da Beira plateau, at about 500 meters high, Fundão region’s has very fertile soils, wisely planted and maintained all over the years and with a huge fruit production.
Region with several vestiges of ancient human occupancy, with a big Roman influence, however the largest development was given with the Jews refugees, expelled from Spain in 1492 and established in Cova da Beira, where other Jewish families already lived. The large jewish community provided a great commercial and industrial development in Fundão.
Also the discovery of wolframite mines, and the development of the textile industry on the 17th and 18th century helped the Fundão urban growth.
Testimonies of those golden times are the many and wealthy Churches, the superb Manor houses, some of them upgraded to quality Tourist units.
The Cuisine in this region is rich and traditional, and the fruit provided by this soil is much appreciated all over the country.

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