Igreja de São Cristóvão de Nogueira

São Cristóvão de Nogueira - Cinfães


Church of Saint Christopher of Nogueira

The Church of Saint Christopher of Nogueira is included in the set of buildings classified as “românico de resistência” [resistance Romanesque], although the traces reused in the current structure, such as the frieze on the north side, near the bell tower, indicate a transition between the 12th and the 13th century. Its deployment, halfway up the hillside, respects the canonical orientation, thus extending longitudinally on two planes: the nave, larger, with the façade facing west, and the chancel, smaller, with the chevet facing east. The main and side portals are especially noteworthy. The former falls within the thickness of the wall, with no columns, but whose archivolts are adorned by the pearls motif. The south side portal draws our attention to the originality of its décor: two clenched fists placed on the lines of ashlars hold a key and the ceiling heights feature symbolic or decorative motifs, such as a lizard. The inside is distinctly Baroque, highlighting the sectioned ceiling with polychrome wood with 71 hagiographic panels [the life of the saints]. It features five altarpieces [altars] (the mor [main], two lateral and two co-lateral) that are included in the various types of Baroque, from the “National” to the “Johannine” style. 

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