Lagoa is situated in the heart of the Algarve, between the boroughs of Portimão and Silves. According to historical sources, the primitive origines of the locality were born around a pond (Lagoa, in Portuguese), swamps were dry with the purpose of creating fertile lands and dwellings where the people from the Muslim empire ended up being installed, creating strong cultural bonds.
Lagoa is a traditional Algarve town that, as the council headquarters, contrasts strongly with the coastal localities that, since the decade of 60, have manifested a strong tourist and construction growth, because of the quality and beauty of its beaches.
In the top of a small hill, surrounded by vineyards, Lagoa has maintained calm and quiet, proud of its small gardens, of the beautiful Church, of the interesting water deposit with faience balustrades and of the S. José Convent, the current Cultural Centre of the City. Lagoa helds every year a famous event in all the Algarve: FATACIL - a Fair of Handicraft and Culture that is also a big party with several shows and animal exhibitions, presenting as well all the Algarve production.
The Lagoa region is also widely famous for its quality Wine production, already known internationally.

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