Laranjeiras is a peaceful settlement in the lovely Alcoutim village, situated by the beautiful Guadiana riverbank that has influenced the region throughout the centuries.
This is a place inhabited by Men since remote periods, as one can observe in the Archaeological Station of Montinho das Laranjeiras, a priceless testimony of the Roman influence during its occupancy of the territory.

This small settlement proudly shows off an orange tree (“laranjeira”) in the centre, and is filled with great natural beauty, preserving throughout the centuries its traditional peace of mind.
This is a rural place with several ancient agricultural devices such as wells, haystacks, and the traditional houses built in stones.

It is worth knowing this big river and its lovely banks, with the opportunity to do it by the delightful road that goes side by side with the riverbank or even by boat, renting it or in one of the many tours that are organized in the region.

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