Midões small village is located on the lovely Tábua department, on the left bank of the Mondego river, filled with history and antiquity.

This is a region of very ancient human occupancy, inhabited by Romans, and already quite an important location even before the formation of the Portuguese Nationality, in the 12th century.

Midões has maintained wisely alive its traditions and its ambiance graciously rural, where the agricultural and cattle breeding inheritance still have a major importance, marking the populations lifestyle.
Throughout the region several Manor Houses can be found, showing off the richness that these fertile soils have provided to the Land Lords, leaving a stately architectonic heritage, such as the Esporão Palace and Estate, or the Manuel Rosado Manor House.

Midões is proud of its 1822 Mother Church, of the 18th century Nossa Senhora das Neves Chapel, of the lovely Pillory in a Manueline style, and of the many architectonic, social and ethnographic legacies which are present throughout the region.



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