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Located on the bank of the wide Tejo river, on the privileged quarter of Belém, in the heart of Lisboa, the Electricity Museum occupies the building of the important Central Tejo that supplied the town of Lisboa with electricity since the beginning of the 20th century.

Inaugurated in 2006, this new museum present a new dynamic of new concepts of a museum space, situated in a historical building with much to tell about the technological development and progresses over the years.
Central Tejo developed after the small Central Junqueira, built in 1908, yet with a few capacity for the electric development that Lisboa was having, a new and bigger thermoelectric central station starts to be built in 1914, and is finished in 1919.
The building proudly presents its industrial architectonic style, facing the style of the greatest European constructions of that time, when the main element of an industry was Coal. The coal arrived to the Central thought boats that sailed the immense Tejo river, and were transported in baskets on the head of men and women, named as “alcochetanos”.

The Electricity Museum approaches nowadays this working force, as well as all the techniques and knowledge of the Central, presenting in the permanent exhibition all the set of equipments that were part of the ancient production unit, as well as several themes related to energy in general.
In an interactive environment, where the industrial heritage of other times (that feel still very recent) finds the scientific explanations that nowadays are shown in different ways and technological systems, the Electricity Museum also promotes pedagogical activities of great interest.

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