Santa Comba Dão


Óvoa is a charming small village in the lovely Santa Comba Dão department, located on a region of fertile soils, with a gracious rural ambiance.

Once one of the important localities of the region, Óvoa suffered a population and economy decrease already in the 19th century, specially with the big emigration upsurge that happened all across the region, leading to a big desertification and population aging.

The village has been able to maintain alive its very own traditions and its charming rural ambiance, where time seem to have stopped, side by side with monuments such as the lovely Mother Church dated from 1725, rich in golden carved wood, the Santa Eufémia Chapel, the lovely Pillory in limestone dated probably from the 17th century or even the building of the ancient court and jail.

Throughout the region there are several Manor Houses and Small Palaces, showing off the agricultural importance and wealth origination, due to the fertility of these soils, which provided important heritage such as the Laidinha, Mesquitas or Motas Manor Houses, among other elegant monuments.

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