International Douro Natural Park

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo


The International Douro Natural Park encloses the area where the amazing Douro river and its affluent Agueda constitute the natural border between Portugal and Spain, occupying an area of about 85 150 hectares.

The area enclosed by the Natural Park is of amazing beauty. Here the amazing Douro river is the main star, surrounded by vineyards, olive tree fields, moorlands trimmed by ancient granite walls, and other breathtaking panoramas.

The region climate is characterized by its cold and harsh winters and its dry and warm summers.
For its immense extension, for its climate and for its location, the International Douro Natural Park has a rich fauna and flora.

Here one can come across to idyllic woods with Pyrenean Oak, Portuguese Oak, Holm Oak, Junipers, among other majestic trees, bushes and vegetation. In what concerns to Fauna species, this is a very rich area for several species, such as the endangered Golden Eagle and the Black Stork, or others species such as the Egyptian Vulture and the Red-billed Chough, and also Wolf, Pyrenean Desman, Wildcat, Pigeon, among many others.

The houses are usually surrounded by cultivated fields: in the plateau area the cereal cultivation predominates, and the valleys lower and humid zones are mostly occupied by moorlands.

There are several boat tours organized by the Park administration in several places of the International Douro Natural Park.

This is the most recent Natural Park in Portugal, created in 1998. This is undoubtedly a completely different world, filled with beauty and nature, and a very own richness that urges to be preserved.

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