Pavia is a beautiful small village situated in the vast Alentejo region, nearby Mora, characterized by its traditional set of rural white houses, with a rich history.

The origins of Pavia are quite ancient, with several pre-historical vestiges, like the fantastic Anta that was later Christianised as a small chapel in the main village squarem or the interesting Fontaínhas Velhas Cromlech.

It is said that the ancient settlement founded in the 13th century had origin in a nucleus of Italians, leadered by Roberto de Pavia.

This village is quite special in what concerns to its heritage preservation, in an unique tranquillity and peace of mind and tradition, presenting a lovely Mother Church, the Misericórdia (16th century), the São Francisco (16th century) Churches as well as the Santo António (17th century), the São Miguel and the São Gens Chapels.
Quite interesting is the central House-Museum Manuel Ribeiro de Pavia, dedicated to the local artist (1907 - 1957), and also with some local handmade pieces in exhibition.

Nearby Pavia is situated the peaceful small village of Malarranha, where one can visit the interesting Nossa Senhora de Fátima Church.

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