Tróia Peninsula



Located on a place of great natural beauty, the Tróia Peninsula is a strip of golden sand with about 17km long and 1,5km width, surrounded by a deep blue sea that make of this a privileged place for wonderful leisure moments.

The Tróia Beaches are famous for its peacefulness and great conditions offered to all visitors, and are usually beaches with big extensions that provide room and amenities for all.

This is a place occupied by Men since ancient times. By the time of the Roman occupancy it was an island of the Sado river delta, named as Acála Island, being visible even nowadays the Roman Ruins of Tróia that confirm this historical period, namely since the 1st century a.C..
From this period on Tróia was used as an industrial place for the fish-salting activity, as the archaeological excavations in the 18th century confirmed, with the existence of small residential areas, inscriptions, friezes and sarcophagi, coins, ceramic and glass pieces, among many other vestiges.

Nowadays Tróia offers the most diversified amenities and services, among accommodation, restaurants, fun parks, tennis and golf courts, among many others. A profound urban and landscape remodelling is nowadays taking place, in order to reorganize the buildings and constructions that were made in the 1960’s and 70’s which were built for a massive tourism and that got into a degradation point.

The proximity with excellent natural areas, such as the beautiful Arrábida Mountain Natural Park, the Botanical Reserve of the Tróia Peninsula Dunes or the amazing Sado River Estuary, promote sceneries of amazing natural beauty, combining the best conditions for the practice of the most diversified tourism and leisure activities.

Starting with the famous ferry-boat trip that links Setúbal to Tróia, there is much more to discover and take advantage of in the beautiful Tróia Peninsula, among wonderful beaches and small fishermen villages, such as Carrasqueira that still maintains its typical colourful houses and fishing traditions.

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