Ponte de Sor

Ponte de Sor


Ponte de Sor is a lovely town situated in the vast Alentejo region, quite close to the junction with the Central region of the Country.
Ponte de Sor region is characterized by its plain fertile terrains (the “lezírias do Sor”), with cultivated areas surrounding the town.

Ponte de Sor owes its name to the primitive roman bridge that integrated the Roman road that linked Lisbon to Merida.
This was a region of very unstable borders during the periods of the Christian recon quest, due to its strategic location, being the territory donated to the Templar’s Order and later re-conquered by the Order of Saint Benedict.

Ponte de Sor presents many highlights like its 17th century Mother Church, the Misericórdia Church, the Paços do Calvário Small Chapel, the São Pedro and Santo António (17th century), São Sebastião and Senhor das Almas Chapels, or even other monuments like the Bridge over the Sor river, that originally had Roman origin, yet as it got destroyed, was reconstructed on the 19th century, the town hall building or the proud village’s fountain.
The Megalithic Nucleus of Montargil or the Necropolis of Santo André, are other archaeological monuments also worth to be known.

The surrounding nature is quite generous, with the great Montargil Dam, forming a wonderful lake perfect for the most diversified activities, attracting many visitors, with many tourist facilities.

Ponte de Sor is also quite proud of its traditional Handicraft, namely in pieces of decorative Marble, willow basketry, and mostly many pieces made in cork, due to the important cork industries that are present in the region as a result of the large cork-oak tree woods throughout the territory.

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