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Figueira Square is situated in between the Martim Moniz and the Rossio Square.
Before the big earthquake of 1755 that hanged this city forever, a big hospital from the 15th century was built here - the Hospital de Todos os Santos (All Saints Hospital). The Square was altered after the earthquake, according to the plan of Marquês de Pombal, Minister in the kingdom of D. José the 1st, the responsible for all the planning, reconstruction and restoration works in Lisboa’s downtown (often called “Baixa Pombalina).
Marquês de Pombal transformed Figueira Square in the biggest Market of the city. In 1885 a covered market was built, being however demolished in the 1950’s.
Nowadays Figueira square is surrounded by 4-floor buildings that house hotels, shops, coffee-shops and restaurants with pleasant esplanadas.
Right in the centre of this Square is situated the statue, in bronze, of king João the 1st, since 1971, a work of Leopoldo de Almeida. This statue is usually filled with hundreds of pigeons that are already characteristic of Figueira Square.

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