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Known for housing the historical Lisboa’s Town Hall building, the Município Square is one of the highlights of the Portuguese capital.

The Square lays side by side with the amazing Comércio Square, and shines with the presence of this building built in the sequence of the huge fire that in 1863 destroyed the almost entirety of the previous Town Hall building, that dated from reconstruction made after the big earthquake and tsunami of 1755 which destroyed great part of the town.

The Town Hall building is a majestic monument, quite altered since its construction due to the small and big fires it suffered ever since its construction. Important names signed and collaborated on the decoration of the building, such as Domingos Parente da Silva, Calmels, José Luís Monteiro, Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, Pereira Cão, Malhoa, among many others.

It is possible to visit this building, that is also considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings of the Portuguese local administration, contacting the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa for further visit information.

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