Berlenga Grande Beach



This is the centremost beach in the Berlenga Island, also known as “carreiro do mosteiro”, and is situated in the wharf where the boats that link the island to Peniche dock. The small Berlengas archipelago, situated at about 10km distance of Peniche, is constituted by the Berlenga Grande Island and the adjacent reefs, the Estelas and the Farrilhões-Forcados, classified as a Natural Reserve since 1981.

The Berlenga Beaches are almost in their pure wild state, hence are usually difficult to access and possess a small or almost inexistent sandy area.
It is said that by this beach was once situated an ancient Monastery built in the beginning of the 16th century, that got destroyed and abandoned due to the many pirate attacks.

The beach, of great natural beauty, with golden sand and crystalline waters, is the favourite spot of the swimmers that, specially in August, travel to Berlenga in order to find a calm and relaxing place, where nature is still the rule.
The beach does not have any amenity whatsoever.

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