São Pedro de Moel Beach

Marinha Grande


The São Pedro de Moel Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the Portuguese coast, sheltered in a form of shell surrounded by houses and with an excellent location on the immense pine tree forest of Leiria, south from the Moel river mouth.
The beach is small, limited on the northern side by steep cliffs and on the southern side by a small streamlet.
The ocean is usually dangerous and with strong tides, yet the sandy area provides great conditions for sport practice, such as volleyball or tennis.
Next to the lighthouse several sport fishermen can usually be found, as in the northern side of the beach there are rocks that are the perfect habitat for diversified species of sea and shellfish, which are usually used in the amazing regional cuisine, that can be found in the many restaurants near the beach.
The hotels and the wonderful swimming pool overlooking the ocean are important tourist facilities that attract many visitors during summer time.
The nights are also very cosmopolitan, with a large offer of bars.

Restaurants; easy accesses; Toilets; Lifeguard during summer time

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