Sandomil is a lovely village situated in the Central region of the Country, in the immense Estrela Mountain Range, where the wonderful river Alva runs through, providing to this village an idyllic landscape.

Sandomil’s rural landscape is the greatest highlight of the region, with Watermills right in the bank of the river, and the superb Fluvial Beach with crystalline waters.
Throughout these peaceful mountain side streets, there are other highlights lile the Roman Bridge, the previous building of the Town Hall, nowadays transformed into a Manor House, the Mother Church with its curious inclined tower, the granite São Sebastião Chapel and the one of São Baptista.

The village conserves nowadays many old traditions, from remote times, celebrating with passion the Popular Festivities, and many celebrations in community, like Christmas, New Year’s eve and day, Easter and Holy Week, Martin of Tours day, among many others.

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