Tabuaço is a pleasant village, where the beautiful Távora River runs, on a delightful rural region with idyllic landscapes, still influenced by the amazing Douro River.

Tabuaço has been occupied by Men since pre-historical times, with archaeological vestiges such as Castros (hill forts) and other interesting heritage, as the archaeological findings in São Vicente, the rupestrian inscription in Calvário, some Suebi-Visigoth legacies, among others.

Agriculture is the main activity of Tabuaço. This is a region quite influenced by Wine-growing and production, where traditions have been maintained and cherished. Symbol of that economical strength that agriculture has provided throughout the centuries, are the manor houses that can be seen in the region.

Tabuaço is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the Mother Church with Romanesque origins dated from the 14th century, the Pillory, the Santa Bárbara and São Vicente Chapels, the Town Hall and Court building dated from the 19th century, the ancient Jail, the Via Sacra in Calvário, among many other highlights and astonishing panoramas.

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