Colonel Lake Tomb



The Colonel Lake Tomb was made by its companions, paying a homage to the Colonel that died in the great Roliça Battle in 17th of August 1808. The Roliça Battle marked the beginning of the end of the Napoleonic Domain in the Iberian Peninsula.

Colonel George Lake was a brave Englishman, veteran of the wars in India, that leaded a regiment with little war experience, and was hit on his horse, both in the neck and in the chest, dying in the battle field. Also his men were not able to stand the strong enemy army and had to get back.

The Roliça Battle was fought in 17th of August 1808 between French troops, with General Delaborde, and Portuguese and English allied troops with Arthur Wellesly and Bernardino Freire, and this was the first battle of the Peninsular War.

The First French invasion took place on the 17th October 1807 with the Fontainebleau Treaty, where the French Emperor Napoleon and the Spanish King Carlos the 4th reaffirm the alliance between the two Countries, compromising as well to share the conquered territories. The way for the French troops was opened.
On the 6th of August 1808 an English army, allied to Portuguese troops, under the comand of General Wellesley, disembarks in Buarcos bay (in Figueira da Foz), trying to go south, heading to Lisboa.
The French troops, under the command of General Delaborde, confront in Roliça the English trrops, being defeated and heading back to Torres Vedras, where they were reunited with the General Junot troops.

The victory in Roliça’s Battle opened the way for, about four days after, with the Vimeiro Battle (near Lourinhã) the end of the French Invasions.

Roliça has, inclusively, its name sculpted on a Monument in London.

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