Ulgueira is a beautiful village nearby Colares, in the astonishing Sintra department, situated in the area of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, in a place of great natural beauty provided by the luxuriant Sintra Mountain and by the immense Atlantic Ocean.

This village has been able to maintain its rural environment and its great beauty, with a wonderful bright lighting that is quite characteristic of the region.

Ulgueira has wisely been able to survive, even though not entirely, the huge urban development of the Sintra region, due to the enlargement of all the Lisboa metropolitan area, and also to the crescent touristic demand of this coastal region.

It is worth knowing its white bright streets from where the landscape astonishes, and also to know its proud Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church dated from the 16th century or the interesting Festeiros Fountain dated back from 1766.

Every year on the 8th of December is celebrated the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Day, with celebrations and festivities, celebrating with proud the beauty, history and traditions of the lovely Ulgueira.



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