Pousada Ourém

Largo João Manso - Castelos (Ourém),2490-481 Ourém (Ourém)
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Come spend a few days in Ourém, where those who come for faith and the Fátima experience find the perfect place to balance their religious experience, contact with nature, and the absolute comfort offered by this Pousada, nestled in a former 15th century hospital.
Welcome to the beautiful, time-honored medieval village of Ourém, the old town area where all buildings have been beautifully preserved and restored. Strategically close to Fátima, Batalha, Alcobaça and Tomar, this can be your starting point for a journey through Portuguese religious history.

To get here, simply follow the signs to the castle. Climb up and go through the impressive battlements, which witnessed so many battles. Walk through the Santarém gate and the castle structure before reaching the beautiful pillory garden, directly opposite the Pousada. Perched on a hill, with quick access to all nearby attractions, among whitewashed houses and parallel roads that preserve the unique identity of this village, there is no better place to stay.

Marvel at the extraordinary century-old bougainvillea gracing the entrance porch and check in while enjoying a typical regional scone or a wholesome apple. Rejoice in the pool or simply relax on the lounge chair and read. Mornings are brightened by a delicious breakfast on the balcony, the afternoons by some well-deserved rest by the poolside lawn, and the evenings by the comfort of your room.

This village is perfect for hikes and geography lessons. On clear days, you can easily see the Lousã and Estrela mountain ranges. You can even discern the snow's white glow in the distance. Find out how old villages used to be, with the staircases and the narrow castle gates as a much needed protection.

Interactive and modern, the Aljubarrota Battle Museum is one of the most interesting local attractions: you can show your children the details of one of the most famous episodes in Portuguese history.

Once called Abdegas, Ourém was thus named when King Afonso Henriques chased the Moors away in 1136. Ourém seduces visitors with its history, faith,nature, cuisine and hospitality. It was here, in Cova da Iria, that the three young shepherds are said to have seen Our Lady of Fatima, where today stands one of the most visited and revered shrines in the whole world. Over five million tourists, devotees and pilgrims from all over the world visit the Fatima Shrine every year.  Come visit it too!

Ourém is also perfect for evening walks. Very romantic and inviting, crossing the village after dark and tasting a typical Ourém 'ginjinha' (cherry liqueur) to warm up before heading back to your room is a great way to explore the village.

The Pousada is spread over three buildings, and choosing your room according to your vacation plans is probably the best thing to do. If you come with your family and want to focus on pool activities, staying at the pool house is the best option for you. If you are seeking convenience and prefer to stay by the restaurant or terrace area to taste the famous Ourém Palhete Wine, then you should book one of the rooms in the old hospital wing - or even the other wing, located in an old adapted manor-house, which is equally close and comfortable.

After a full day, when returning to your room, decorated in a light, contemporary style, you will walk through hallways where brick tiles and carpets merge into a simultaneously soothing and energizing orange, which will further help you spend a good night.

Back in 1136, King Afonso Henriques wrestled the ancient castle - then called Aurem - from the Moors, while struggling to expand both the Portuguese kingdom and the Christian Faith against the Moors. A model of territorial control, the Ourém Castle would eventually become the heart of the Ourém hilltop citadel, which also included a Palace, a Collegial Church and Crypt, a Gothic Fountain, a Pillory, narrow streets and whitewashed walls.

Pousada de Ourém project was born from the fusion of old manor houses with a 15th century Church hospital. The Pousada's skeleton is old, made with arches and materials from times of yore, and its wooden furniture perfectly adjusts to the building's characteristics.

Pestana Tip: the most appropriate time to visit the area is on the 13th day of the month between May and October - when the apparitions of Our Lady of the Young Shepherds are celebrated. Thousands of people visit the area, where you can truly feel the atmosphere, the devotion and the truth for which Fátima is known.

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