Intensidez Bibliocafé

Rua Escrivão da Câmara, 10 (Évora),7000-524 Évora (Évora)
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Restaurant. Cafeteria. Bar. Bookstore. Pamphlets. Cultural Events. Bookcrossing. Editors Booksellers
The Intensidez Bibliocafé is a multipurpose space that invites interaction from the public or visitors to the various areas of cultural activity, literary and artistic, developed or promoted within the cultural project Intensidez.
Integrates Bookstore and pamphlets in support of Restaurant, Cafeteria and Bar
Are developed, weekly cultural events of various kinds - such as, for example:
Gatherings of several themes; Tales of the Full Moon, oral narration for adults; Film festivals and short film, Café-Theater, performances, concerts, recitals, exhibitions and exhibitions of plastic arts, literary meetings, presentation of literary and technical with autograph sessions, conversations outside the time on a book, a theme; Reading sessions; Filo-Cafés, poetry recitals, Declamation and DISEUR; Seminars; Cycles presentation of the complete works of authors, among others.
Opening Hours
2nd to 4th Tuesday - 18:00 / 24:00
5th to Saturday - 18:00 / 02:00
Sundays and Holidays - Closed
Holidays - August

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