Barcos is a lovely village in the greenish Tabuaço department, in the north of Portugal, located on a small plateau right in the heart of the Douro wine-growing region, surrounded by a great natural beauty.

The locality had origin in an ancient Castro (hill fort) with a pre-historical occupancy, indicating the elderly human occupancy of these fertile soils which provided good conditions for subsistence.
The village has been able to maintain its charming rural ambiance, housing the history of other times when it was an important locality.

It is worth knowing Barcos’s heritage, with monuments such as the Mother Church classified as a National Monument since 1922, probably dating from the 13th and 14th centuries in Romanesque style, and also the Santa Maria do Sabroso Church, the Chapels of Santa Bárbara and São Pedro, the Nicho do Senhor da Boa Viagem or even the many Manor Houses that can be found in the region, showing of economical strength of these fertile soils and the wine industry, such as the Solar dos Cunhas, the Magalhães Coutinho House or the Aguiar House, among others.
Also quite interesting are the ancient Town Hall and Court building, the Jail, the Roda dos Expostos and the Via-Sacra that is started in the Mother Church and end next to Calvário.

Throughout the region one can find several Estates (“Quintas”) which produce the famous wine of the region, some of them quite rich and beautiful, such as the Paradela, Pereira, Ramiro, Raposeira, Vale da Buza an the Vale do Barco.

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