Caldas de Monchique



Situated in the Monchique Mountain Range at about 1km from the town, Caldas de Monchique are the only thermal complex located in the Algarve.
The Monchique spring waters are considered to be medicinal for ages. Already the Romans built here a spa and benefited from the beauty and quality of this place, naming these waters as “Sacred Waters”, which still nowadays makes of this beautiful site one of the best localities for enjoying healthy and restful holidays, in the Algarve region.
With a luxuriant vegetation, where inclusively is located the biggest magnolia-tree of all Europe; Caldas de Mochique is a perfect, calm locality for the hot summer days, where one can miraculously breath the humid and pure air of the mountain range, in a small cosy plaza, in the shade provided by large trees, right in the centre of this locality.
Caldas de Monchique is surrounded by a charming Park, with several green spaces, pure air and beautiful river courses that provide good conditions for the development of a luxuriant vegetation that achieves its greatest splendour between March and June.
Caldas de Monchique has an important thermal complex, with a Spa Hotel and treatments for diverse therapeutic indications, such as respiratory, rheumatic and muscle-skeletal problems.



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